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I have a Complaint

If you wish to make a complaint regarding a debt collection company we would encourage you to carry out  the following activities:

1) Go to the UK Members List / International Members List and search the name of the company you wish to complain about
2) If the company is a member of the Association please read the information below regarding our Complaints Process

Complaints Process 

If you think a Member is in breach of our Code of Practice you can make a complaint by downloading the following Complaint Form.

Please note - all complaints must be made in writing and sent to the Credit Services Assoication at the following address;

Credit Services Association

2 Esh Plaza, Sir Bobby Robson Way, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE13 9BA



Q. What happens if a Member breaches the Code of Practice? 

A. A consumer or client can make an official complaint to the CSA.

Q. How do I make a complaint?

A. By completing our Complaints Form.  Please ensure the last page is signed by the complainant. Please note that the CSA will not comment or act on complaints made by email or telephone - complaints must be made in writing, using the official CSA Complaints Form which should be accompanied by copies of all relevant documentation.

Q. What will the CSA do with my complaint?

A. The CSA will forward your concerns to our Member who will investigate and respond to the CSA within 4 weeks. The CSA will then carry out any further investigation necessary and make a decision based on the evidence provided.

Please note: The CSA can only deal with violations of our Code - complaints unrelated to the Code of Practice, contractual disputes and compensation claims cannot be processed.

For the purpose of further clarification, the following issues are examples of those upon which we cannot act:

  • We cannot interfere in the collection procedures of Members unless they breach the Code.
  • We cannot consider complaints against matters which are the responsibility of our Members' clients, such as unsatisfactory goods or services supplied.
  • We cannot stop a Member contacting a consumer in collecting an outstanding debt for a client.
  • We cannot insist that a Member checks the information supplied by the client in good faith.
  • If installment arrangements have been discussed, we cannot say what is reasonable and we cannot force Members to accept installments.
  • We cannot interpose in ongoing or proposed legal action.
  • We cannot comment or arbitrate on contractual issues.

If you have any other queries about complaints, you can e-mail us at complaints@csa-uk.com or contact our Compliance Manager, Daniel Spenceley - daniel.spenceley@csa-uk.com.